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How will you respond?

The legal profession is undergoing the most profound changes in decades, perhaps ever.

The amount of legal work has stayed the same, arguably even decreased, but competition has increased – exponentially. Competition not just from other lawyers but from non-law firm lead generators collecting and selling “clients” and providers of self-help legal forms and other “do-it-yourself” resources. Thanks in large part to the Internet, consumers are also increasingly shopping for legal services online, seeking out reviews and ratings, talking to multiple law firms and negotiating the price of legal services. Being constantly connected also means people want legal services on their own terms and at their convenience. For even the largest firms these changes are difficult to cope with. For small to medium-sized law firms that lack the resources and scale to respond, adapting these changes may be close to impossible.

Are you prepared to face these challenges?

Some law firms have recognized the challenge. They’ve embraced Internet marketing, social media, and new ways of interacting with clients at great expense. But small and medium sized firms, with limited resources and no brand awareness, are at a real disadvantage. With so much changing so fast, can you really afford to go it alone?

Jacoby & Meyers has a better way…

For over 40 years, Jacoby & Meyers has been the leader in making legal services more affordable and accessible to consumers. From our first television ads in 1978 to our industry leading web sites today, Jacoby & Meyers has built a law firm brand that consumers know and trust.  We continue to revolutionize the legal market with lead generation websites such as,, and downloadable legal forms from

Now, we are making our proven marketing systems available to help you grow your practice. By joining the growing national network of Jacoby & Meyers law firms, you can align yourself with a winning team, a well-known brand, and a proven business platform. Select the level of participation that makes sense for your practice. You’ll still run your own practice but with the marketing, technology, and administrative support of a national firm.

Jacoby & Meyers is powered by US Legal, one of America’s leading providers of national legal administrative support, marketing, online legal information, software, document preparation services and legal forms.   US Legal provides centralized business administrative functions designed for the small to medium sized law firm. Your law firms will benefit from:

• The prestige of a nationally-recognized brand
• Advertising and marketing expertise
• Advanced technology capabilities
• 24/7 call centers
• National management support

Three Levels of Participation

• Own and operate a local/regional Jacoby & Meyers office
• Become a Jacoby & Meyers branded affiliate
• Become a lead and network referral sponsor

Redefine your future.  By becoming a part of the Jacoby & Meyers national network of law firms, you can expand your services and drive new business to your firm with the support and resources of our management team and put our expertise, resources and experience to work for you.

For more information about the Jacoby & Meyers opportunity, call US Legal toll free at:  888.525.8263 or email us at:

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